Best Clash Royale Tavern Brawl decks

By Focus On Trends

Clash Royale's Tavern Brawl looks set to return with another event in the final week of the season

You will now have two different options for the last week, 1v1 and 2v2.

The entire game is Infused with Rage spells throughout the match

Begins with an Elixir Production boost at a multiplier of 1.3.

Different deck options for different strategies depending on how you want to play.

In the case of potions, the first deck is our Economic option that allows for more spam.

Deck 2 features Sparky as the main damage dealer, with Little Prince playing a crucial dual role in both attack and defense

Minion Horde is a strategic but risky choice, especially against opponents with Arrows. Perfect timing is essential to avoid being out-Elixir swiftly.

Beware of being out-Elixir swiftly. This deck excels in aerial denial and handles formidable foes like Mega Knight by skillful distractions

Tavern Brawl runs until next Monday, with a Challenge variant offering more Season Tokens.

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