Emma Stone, Guest Host of ‘SNL' for fifth time

By:  Sara Smith

The upcoming event marks the fifth time actress Emma Stone has hosted the art show.

The term "Fifth Club" was coined by Tom Hanks in 1990 when he completed his fifth hosting event.

Members of the Special Event, Including Hanks, Steve Martin, Christopher Walken, Tina Fey, Candice Bergen and Drew Barrymore, wore Fun Shirts Embroidered with The Number 5 To Welcome The New Members.

The Announcement Suggests That the Big Star May Gift Emma Stone her own Five Time Club shirt.

Running jokes about the Five Guys Club have become a tradition on the show

Tom Hanks and other veterans are making things fun by joining the shirt tradition

The segment must have some special moments; Rock will join the members by reaching this milestone five times.

This tradition highlights the relationship between owners and adds a sense of humor to the series' history.

The announcement increased interest in surprise appearances by famous stars.

Musical entertainment for future shows will be provided by Noah Kahan

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