Epic Adventure of Fortnite's Big Bang Event

By:  Sara Smith

By:  Sara Smith

By:  Sara Smith

By:  Sara Smith


Eminem's performance created an epic size-hopping adventure at Fortnight's "The Big Bang" event.


The event leads gamers via multiple realities, which starts with a meteor striking the map and inflicting a tear in the area

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Fortnite Players enter a LEGO world during the event and transform into LEGO characters and travel to a crafted LEGO landscape with ray tracing effects.


On December 7, The LEGO Fortnite world released a debut teaser for an upcoming LEGO Fortnite survival crafting game.


This event introduces a Rocket Racing game like cars zipping around a track, created by a Rocket League developer, and released on December 8.


Eminem performs a mini-concert at that event, accompanied by a new music game called Fortnite Festival.


Fortnite Festival, allows players to tap buttons in time to Eminem's songs and debuts on December 9


The Big Bang event led up to players witnessing these new dimensions, building excitement for Fortnite Chapter 5: Underground.


Fortnite Chapter 5: Underground will introduce some new skins, a new island, weapon mods, a new train, and many more.

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Fortnite tweeted their details on their official page to offer additional showings of "The Big Bang" event for those who missed it.


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