Former Google executive Raises Alarm about AI

By:  Sara Smith

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt has expressed serious concerns about the potential dangers of artificial intelligence.

He draws parallels between regulating AI and historical challenges in regulating nuclear weapons.

Schmidt warned that artificial intelligence could become a threat to humanity within the next 5 to 10 years, which is shorter than previously thought.

This reflects a growing unease among tech leaders, prompting calls for robust safety and accessibility policies for AI.

Recognizing the great potential of artificial intelligence, Schmidt emphasized that the government needs critical attention.

His concern led to widespread calls for regulation of the intelligence field.

The Biden administration responded by issuing an executive order focusing on “fairness” and “civil rights” in intelligence development.

Schmidt's work emphasizes the importance of solving problems related to the rapid development of intelligence.

The discussion around AI regulation highlights the complex challenges and ethical considerations in the development of artificial intelligence.

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