Review of ‘Christmas with Elvis’

By:  Sara Smith

The author shares his experience watching "Christmas with Elvis" at the Chopin Theater in Chicago.

Brenda Barrie's performance as a grieving woman was a hit and people were amazed by her powerful and funny performance.

The production made a surprising return to fearlessness from the theater scene in the early 1990s, reminiscent of home entertainment such as Hellcab.

Known for its unforgettable and extraordinary productions, including plays such as The Disabled and The Truth of Love, the Halsted Theater Center is fondly remembered.

This was first staged 32 years ago and is said to be returning to the Chopard Theatre, with Elvis Presley-inspired characters.

Victor Holstein's portrayal of Elvis is funny; providing the hero with friendship, music, charm, and spiritual guidance.

The revival of "Christmas with Elvis" is directed by Dexter Bullard, who rose to fame at the Outer Loop Theater in the 1990s, and is thoughtfully written by Terry Spencer

The product acknowledges Elvis' disorder as a potential treatment for bulimia, alcoholism, and depression, and emphasizes the flamboyant, retro nature of the series.

The show is considered a product of its time, offering gritty entertainment that catered to the needs of single urban workers in the cities of the time.

The funny conversation between the young woman and Elvis features camp and the bad sound of "Christmas with Elvis."

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