Spotify Wrapped 2023

Deezer joins the year-end round-up trend with "My Deezer Year," offering subscribers a personalized journey

In-app experience with a tarot-inspired personalized journey to recap the past year and predict musical preferences for the future.

Providing users with insights into their annual listening habits, new music discoveries, and more.

My Deezer Year, an in-app experience offering insights into users' annual listening habits and a glimpse into their musical future.

Subscribers will discover their top tracks, favorite artists, listening hours, and new discoveries with My Deezer Year's tarot-inspired journey.

The personalized experience includes a music quiz and concert recommendations for an immersive musical journey.

Deezer challenges users to uncover if they surpassed the global average of 112 new artists and exceeded 519 songs listened to this year

My Deezer Year promises intriguing insights and rare cards based on extraordinary listening habits for superfans.

Deezer also discloses top UK and global artists, albums, and tracks, with favorites including Taylor Swift, Harry Styles' "Harry’s House," and Miley Cyrus' "Flowers."

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