Sticky Vicky dies aged 80

By:  Focus On Trends

Benidorm legend Sticky Vicky (Victoria María Aragüés Gadea) dies at 80.

Exotic dancer Sticky Vicky, real name Victoria Aragüés Gadea, passes away at 80 after a period of illness. Tributes pour in for the Benidorm legend.

Daughter announces the passing of Benidorm legend Sticky Vicky after a prolonged health battle. Tributes flow for the exotic performer.

Born in 1943, the trained ballet dancer, Vicky Leyton, became an icon in Benidorm, Spain, with her exotic, x-rated vaginal magic show performances.

The mother-of-two moved to Benidorm in 1980, where she became a legendary figure, entertaining millions of British tourists with her iconic performances.

Her show, spanning over three decades, featured unconventional acts involving objects like ping pong balls, razor blades, eggs, handkerchiefs, and even machetes.

Approximately six million viewers witnessed her performances, held six times a night, six days a week

Vicky, described as a "must-see" in Benidorm, retired in 2016 at 72 due to uterine cancer. Her daughter, Maria Gadea Aragues, took over

learning tricks from a magician friend. Vicky maintained her fitness with regular gym workouts and a healthy lifestyle.

The city feels darker at night after losing its biggest star. Many remembered Vicky as a beautiful and true entertainer.

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