Taylor Swift Denies Marriage Rumors

By:  Sara Smith

Taylor Swift's publicist Terry Paine has slammed rumors that the pop star secretly married her ex-boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

Paine accused the popular speaker named Deuxmoi of causing "disease and suffering" with his defamatory comments about Taylor's marriage.

Deuxmoi predicted that Taylor and Joe would engage in illegal activity in 2020 or 2021, causing Paine to deny this.

Paine added that there was no marriage or ceremony between Taylor and Joe.

News of Taylor and Joe's split came to attention in May 2023, and Taylor was later linked to NFL player Travis Kelce.

Deuxmoi defended their claims by saying they were not profiting from fraud and asked whether advertisers could make the same claim.

Dexmoy's response to Paine's rejection included an apology to Taylor.

Wood Paine has worked as Taylor's publicist since 2014 and is known for his involvement with Taylor at various events.

Taylor Swift's new album "You're Losing Me" fueled speculation about her relationship with Joe, but collaborator Jack Antonoff said the song was recorded before their split.

The constant stream of comments and responses reflected the intense scrutiny surrounding Swift's personal life.

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