The Voice Singer Tom Nitti, has left the show

By:  Focus On Trends

Due to personal reasons, singer Tom Nitti has departed "The Voice," leaving coach Reba McEntire with a shorter team.

Reba McEntire is one team member short on "The Voice" as singer Tom Nitti departs

Tom Nitti is not expected to continue in "The Voice" competition, but details about his decision remain undisclosed.

Reba McEntire mentioned during the Playoff Rounds of The Voice that Tom Nitti had to leave due to personal reasons, leaving her with only five artists

Reba McEntire's chair was the only one to turn for Tom Nitti's Blind Audition performance of Stevie Wonder's 'Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Tom Nitti gained fans throughout the season, winning his Battle Round performance with Cody Johnson's 'Til You Can't.'

Reba saved Tom Nitti after his Knockout Round cover of The Temptations' '(I Know) I'm Losing You.'

Tom Nitti's departure leaves Team Reba with Jordan Rainer, Ruby Leigh, Jacquie Roar, and Noah Spencer.

Reba McEntire shared that other coaches welcomed her warmly on The Voice.

Tom's passion for music has remained constant, and he gigs weekly, opening for artists such as Craig Campbell

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